Connected Christians put on a show

  1. “I’m not _____ enough.” What are some “enoughs” many people say today?  

  2. Are you well connected to others currently or not? What has that done to your shame?  

  3. Verse 2. What does Paul tell us about the gospel when he says that he has been asked to administer God’s grace?  

  4. Verse 6. What is the mystery in these verses? Why isn’t the mystery the forgiveness of sins or Jesus’ death on the cross?  

  5. Ancient mystery religions promised strong connection to people with participation in secret societies. At the same time, the most prominent organization at Paul’s time that wanted to connect people together (in the same manner as Paul uniting Israelites and Greeks), was the Roman Empire. What is Paul saying about both and about the gospel as a 3rd way?  

  6. Verse 12 Are you bold and brave to come before God?  

  7. How could these words from Paul help you connect to some people around you?