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When we came to the area, we intended to try out different churches. We came to Peace and never went anywhere else. When marriage was a struggle, the pastor and people of Peace were there. 

Good news really does change everything. While we go through life together, may we share some with you?


Lent 2019

In the gospel accounts of Jesus' passion, there are several striking three-word phrases, such as "Love one another," "Watch and pray," and "It is finished." This Lenten season, worshipers will gain understanding of powerful words like these with the Three Words of Truth services. Worshipers will discover the rich meaning and purpose of God's Word, even in the smallest pieces of dialogue.



1,000 gospel conversations

In 2018 under the Lord’s working and wisdom we endeavored to have a large amount of opportunities to share the good news of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection with friends, family, and neighbors who don’t know it or believe it. God was incredibly good to us. As a group, he gave us the opportunity have 112 documented conversations, plus many more that we didn’t record. It was so wonderful to see the fruit these conversations bore in ourselves and others!

Check out how this project developed!

Thanks for your partnership in gospel work!


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