1. Lots of people try to do spirituality on their own – even people in the church. Why do you think so many people do spirituality on their own?  

  2. 12:3 What is the first thing we need to know about true spiritual gifts?  

  3. 12:3 This verse is so important. Just the other day someone asked me, “How do I know I’m saved?” What are the two parts to that answer?  

  4. 12:4-6 Where is the reference to the Trinity in this verse? How does it change our thinking about spiritual gifts to think about the Trinity behind them all?  

  5. 12:4-6 What truth does Paul point out in verses that makes any selfishness about our spiritual gifts an obvious sin against the Lord? 

  6. 1 Corinthians 12:7ff lists different spiritual gifts that show up in our lives because the Spirit is there. How has the Spirit manifested himself in your life? It might be one of these gifts, it might be something else.  

  7. Are you celebrating the diversity of spiritual gifts in others, missing the spiritual gifts in others, or bothered by the spiritual gifts of others? Any reasons why?  

  8. 12:7ff What great purpose are spiritual gifts to serve? How is that important?  

  9. Are you reflecting the diversity and the goodness of Jesus Christ to the world around you as you use your gifts? What’s one way you might do that?