Special giving opportunity: Please prayerfully consider giving extra to WELS as we seek to raise $6,000 in 2018. Mark giving "Our Great Heritage" or "Special Missions".

Our Great Heritage

Peace partners with more than 1,000 churches, schools, and other groups around the United States. This is the network or affiliation we call the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS). WELS partners with more than 25 other denominations around the world.

We are part of this denomination (WELS) for four major reasons:

  1. Together, we run four schools whose primary work is to train pastors and teachers. This is unique among all the schools of America. We would not be able to maintain schools emphasizing church work without our strong denominational commitment.
  2. Together, we maintain a commitment to home missions. Each year, our 1,000 churches start about 5 completely new churches and help about 5 churches expand their mission work. This is vital work. The best way to reach new people is to start new churches. New churches are significantly more effective in reaching new people. If we don’t start new churches, we won’t 1) carry out the Great Commission and 2) exist as a denomination. As part of home missions work, Peace serves the college campuses in Kalamazoo.
  3. We carry out mission work around the world. Over the last 50 years, WELS international mission work has expanded rapidly. We’re currently serving about 75,000 people or almost ¼ as many people as are members in the US around the world! Exciting work. Through that work, almost 170 men are training to be pastors.
  4. We receive congregational support and accountability. About 10 divisions of ministry provide training and resources for members, congregations, and pastors. We’re going to receive some of that benefit this year through the Congregational Consulting effort.



Denominational support

We support all this work together through gifts and offerings. There are no fees or dues to be part of the WELS. Some networks or associations charge fees, WELS does not. Since we have this privilege and honor to freely work with all these other ministries, we generously give first.

We usually give 11% of our offerings first to the WELS. In order to keep ministry funding in Otsego this year, we are reducing our normal giving to 8%, or approximately $13,000.

All funds designated "Our Great Heritage" or "Special Missions" will be sent off to WELS.

This year, as you give your regular offering to support the gospel ministry of Peace, please consider giving an extra amount to the work of our denomination. Over the course of 2018, we hope to raise $6,000 extra.


Giving to Date