“You are what you eat.” Maybe. Some people sure seem to be avocados. :-)

“You are what you love.” Yup. Love money and it’ll do some pretty tough stuff to you. 

“You are the sum of the people closest to you.” Also true. We are most like the five to seven people closest to us ourselves.

That’s a really short version of the impact of the Bible’s teaching on fellowship. “You are the sum of the people closest to you.” The Bible’s teaching on fellowship is wonderful, empowering, and life-giving. 

For the next few weeks, we have a chance to hear what God says to us about our deep connections to one another and other churches. 

  • July 21 Christians connect deeper

  • July 28 Christians connect more

  • August 4 Christians connect safely

  • August 11 Christians connect to advance the truth

I’d also like to invite you to a special study on the Bible’s teaching on fellowship Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. starting July 24th. We’ll use this book https://online.nph.net/church-fellowship.html