Morning players! Today we’re cancelled due to rain. Sad. See you Friday for the last day!

Power Up!

June 17-21 9:00-11:30

Ages 4-10

Power Up! with the power of the gospel and some cool soccer kicks at our 2019 soccer camp!

Our soccer camp is designed to improve the soccer skills of all the kids involved, whether they are beginners or already have some soccer experience.

Our coaching staff is made up of local high school players and adults.

Camp is more than power for soccer; it’s power for lifelong character and growth. We’ll use the game of soccer to make these lessons real for the players. Each day they’ll hear a Bible lesson about Jesus’ love.

Besides improving your child’s soccer skills with caring coaching, your child will learn life lessons more important than soccer, meet friends, and make memories they’ll cherish for a lifetime.

A coaching relationship for lifelong skills

Our camp takes place on our beautiful 12 acre campus on the south side of Otsego. Our director this year is Nathaniel Timmermann and our head coach is Devin Nelson. Our  coaches are local high school students and adults with coaching experience - excellent athletes and also people your child might see again in the community. When you come to Peace's soccer camp, you aren't just learning to play soccer. You're building relationships that will impact children for their lifetime.

Along with character, your child will grow in:

  • dribbling

  • passing

  • shooting

  • throw ins

  • steals

  • zig-zags

  • weaves

We'll have emergency nursing care on-site and fun activities to give the little kids a break.

Camp set up/plan

Our camp provides a great experience for students ages 4-10. All students meet from 9:00 - 11:30.

Campers are divided into groups based on age and experience.

The youngest children (approximately ages 4-6) have a camp designed to teach very basic soccer skills. The focus is on learning to love a team sport since they can handle the most basic soccer skills. Their day will also integrate fun crafts and games.

The older children (approximately ages 7-10) are all directed to improve in all aspects of their game. Each camper will improve dribbling, passing, shooting and more. A skilled coach will teach all the campers a technique that day and then drills will be done to reinforce the technique. Each day will close with a scrimmage where the campers can put into practice what they learned.

Students ages 11-14 may volunteer to help teach soccer. If interested, please contact us


Camp fee is $35.
To inquire or register, fill out the form below or call 269-694-6104.
Registration deadline is June 3, 2019

All campers receive:

  • soccer jersey

  • water bottle

  • soccer skills

  • Thursday picnic with entertainment

  • snacks

  • team picture