In the gospel accounts of Jesus' passion, there are several striking three-word phrases, such as "Love one another," "Watch and pray," and "It is finished." This Lenten season, worshipers will gain understanding of powerful words like these with the Three Words of Truth services. Worshipers will discover the rich meaning and purpose of God's Word, even in the smallest pieces of dialogue.

Here are the dates and themes we are looking forward to:

  • March 6th Matthew 26:35-41 “Watch and Pray”

  • March 13th Matthew 26:20-25 “Is it I?”

  • March 20th John 13:31-35 “Love One Another”

  • March 27th John 18:3-9 “I am He”

  • April 3rd John 18:33-40 “What is Truth?”

  • April 10th John 19:14-18 “Take Him Away!”