Your gift for God's mission

Peace is looking for someone to fill a part-time administrative assistant position. The ideal candidate will help pastor communicate on Sunday with the church body and increase engagement (bulletins, announcements). The job posting is available below and on the bulletin board at church.



Administrative Assistant to the Pastor


We’re looking for an administrative assistant to support the ministry effectiveness of our pastor. A strong candidate has some experience with organizational administration. Because this position interacts regularly with the core church workers and the larger church body, a successful candidate will have an amicable, engaging, and friendly personality.


  • Administrative assistant to the pastor

  • Hourly wage

  • $13-$16 per hour

  • Up to 7 hours per week, 50 weeks per year. Schedule worked out with pastor

  • No benefits or paid time off, but schedule is flexible

  • Local or remote work

  • Accountable to pastor and then elders


Position requirements

  • A growing faith in Jesus and Christian character

  • A commitment to the mission of Peace

  • Proficient with productivity software (whether Microsoft, Google, Apple, or Lotus) and comfortable with desktop publishing

  • Strong written and verbal communication

  • Strong English language ability

  • Strong organizational ability



The successful candidate will help pastor produce materials that communicate the gospel and the ministry of the church, primarily at our worship, that result in greater engagement and enjoyment of the Christian life. At this point that means,

  • Produce weekly service materials (print bulletin, slides)

  • Produce weekly announcements (in text form for print, graphics for slideshow)

  • Communication necessary to do work well (interaction with congregation, pastor, denominational representatives, and the local community)

  • [if the person works locally, they will also print. If remote work, pastor will do that.]


Please submit resumes by June 10th to Nathaniel Timmermann at [email protected] or place them in pastor's box at church.